Language includes far more than grammar and vocabulary. You may want to benefit from a german class,


that offers more than drilling lessons.


As a language school for skilled personell you can choose from classes, which are individually listening and


responding to your requirements.


What does that mean?



SprachTOR complements four new elements up to the usual german-class-curricula:

German for the job

You want to improve your german knowledge


especially for the world of work?


How to write an application in german?


How to behave in job interviews? How to make calls?


Or are spelling and pronounciation


the special challenges you want to surrender?


You are new in this part of germany and you have


manifold interests? 


Which special offers exist in public transport,


what is the scool- or insurance system like?


Where do you get guidance, advises and support


in everdaylife?

Intercultural contents

You want to have a better knowledge and


understanding of the people and the new country?


The corporate culture in companies is different?


You realized that you need something more,


than just learning the language


to achieve sucessfull communication?

Skilled work language

In many developing teams, engineering groups


and at international employers english is the the


most importand language.


But imagine, during the breaks your associates


are talking shop in german, and you´d like


to join in a conversation?

What individual classes also means

 As well as the individually designed contents the class periods and locations are flexible.


You can choose the type of class: do you prefer a crashcourse, to learn essentials fast?


You want to take classes at the weekend? An in-service training?


With SprachTOR  you have the key to all those possibilities!



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